At VST Industries, we continuously work with certifications and approvals to uphold the quality that our customers repuire. We solve every task based on a close customer relationship, and based on demands and cases, we are able to offer solutions within:

  • System deliveries to the iron and metal industry and construction sector. Acc. EN 1090-1
  • Sheet processing in aluminium, stainless and black steel.
  • Welding in aluminum and steel, with ISO 3834-2 approval
  • Development and construction
  • Design and calculation
  • Planning and production preparation
  • Project management
  • Follow-up service

Quality control:

An important factor for our quality control is to certify the company and our employees on accordance with applicable rules and standards to deliver the best products to our customers according to their requirements.

All our processes are documented through our intranet, which provides optimal traceability on our processes, as well as all materials that are used in the processes and constructions.

Including in our quality control we have an internal welding and process coordinator (IWS), which ensures that the processes are in control and meets the requirements.

Quality, Environment and certifications:

We have a constant colaboration with international certificational organs, which is why our pressure equipment among other things can be approved within the following design-and approval standards, PED 2014/68/EU, EN13445, EN286, EN1090 (exe1, -2, -3, -4), EN 15085-2. In addition, class companies such as ABS, DNV, BV and more.

We have a large WPQR and WPS program. Many of our WPQRs are also approved with Norsok, as we have worked in the offshore industry for many years.


NEWS \\ VST is ISO 9001 certified

The latest certification in a longer row is the ISO 9001 certification of our quality management system. It is the latest version, ISO 9001:2015. February the 19. 2019 VST was audited by Kiwa Inspecta and the conclusion was, that the management system was capable to fulfil the current requirements and led to the expected result, that there is full confidence to the system.

The reason for the certification is that we will continue to improve and make new demands for ourselves. This coincides with a growing customer demand from several of our customers. At the same time, we take the opportunity to gather the certificates for EN 1090, ISO 3834 and ISO 9001 under Kiwa Inspecta.


We are certified according to the following:

  • ISO 9001
  • EN1090 (EXC1, -2, -3, -4)
  • ISO 3834-2
  • EN 15085-2
  • Quality Management System Certificate, Modul D
  • Achilles Certificate of Pre-Qualification

    EN 15085-2

Our employees is an important part of our ressources, which is why it is important for us to minimize the risc of physical disabilities and danger in our working processes. To minimize the risc we have invested in automation and tools that facilitate the work of the individual employee as well as having an effective security organization.

Contact os if you have any questions to our quality control and certificates. Contact